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Saint Demetrios - Chicago, IL

Saint Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA

Saint Demetrios - Elmhurst, IL

Saint Iakovos - Valparaiso, IN

Assumption - St Claire Shores, MI

Assumption - Town & Country, MO

Saint Paraskevi - Greenlawn, NY

Holy Trinity/St Nicholas - Cincinnati, OH

Annunciation - Houston, TX

Saint Barbara - Toms River, NJ

Saint Photios - St. Augustine, FL

Saint George - Pharr, TX

Christ The Savior - Chicago, IL

Saint Sophia - Los Angeles, CA

Saint John - Des Plaines, IL

Holy Cross - Macon, GA

Saint Demetrios - Camarillo, CA

Saint Nicholas - Washington, DC

Holy Trinity, Nashville, TN

Saints Constantine & Helen - Boise, ID

Saint George - Des Moines, IA

Saint Katherine - Kirkland, WA

Saint Mark - Bethesda, MD

Annunciation - Kansas City, MO

Holy Trinity Cathedral - New York, NY

Saint Andrew - South Bend, IN

Joy Of All Who Sorrow - Culver City, CA

Annunciation - Brockton, MA

Saint John Of The Ladder - Piedmont, SC

Saint Lawrence - Felton, CA

Christ The Saviour - Miami Lakes, FL

Life Giving Spring Bookstore-Glendale, CA

Saint Anthony - Pasadena, CA

Saint Athanasios - Aurora, IL

Holy Cross - Belmont, CA

Saint George - Bakersfield, CA

Saint George - Greenville, SC

Annunciation - Sacramento, CA

Looking for quick and easy dishes to prepare that will help get you through Orthodox Lent?  This cookbook uses readily available ingredients and basic kitchen equipment to make simple meals, that can be made in no time.  Most meals come together in about 1 hour, including ingredient prep, and can be easily altered to suit your own tastes.

* Full color pictures of each prepared dish

* Vegetarian selections for "Cheesefare" week

* Includes Vegan Desserts

* Variety of ethnic & classic dishes

* Over 45 recipes - 114 Pages

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book has been donated to charity.  

2015 - Philoxenia House, Rochester, MN & Northern Illinois Food Bank, Geneva, IL 


2014 - Philoxenia House, Rochester, MN & Northern Illinois Food Bank, Geneva, IL 


2013 - Philoxenia House, Rochester, MN.




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